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The BASICEDU MENTORING & EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME is a programme that enables mentors to learn about the key competencies of disadvantaged women and methods to work with the target group in order to help them improve their key competences.

  • Introduction

  • Target group

  • Module 1:  Learning to learn competence

  • Module 2:  Language & communication skills

  • Module 3:  Mathematical skills

  • Module 4:  Digital skills

  • Module 5: Labour market orientation, job searching tools and strategies

BasicEDU Empowerment Activity Book: The most powerful and impactful activities and practices from the Mentoring and Empowerment program were selected and transferred into BasicEDU Empowerment Activity Book. The book introduces mindfulness practices and exercises for strengthening the self-awareness and self-confidence of the participants. It also contains inspiring success stories created by disadvantaged women, sharing their experiences and achievements, thus acting as role models in their communities. This book has been produced with the support of disadvantaged women and their women mentors and distributed to other women in their environment. The activities in the book will be self-explanatory and easy to apply.